Trump's pushing even more money to farmers in last-ditch effort to buy back their votes

We're into the last desperate weeks of Donald J. Blowhard Trump's reelection "campaign," and that means it's time for Donald to start throwing other people's money around like a circus clown throwing pies. Seniors are going to get $200 in the mail! Puerto Rico, you're finally getting those billions in aid we've been blocking for years! Farmers, my dear precious farmers a-screwed twenty different ways by White House trade wars and by-the-way mass national death, you are getting all the monies! All of them! Take these monies and vote!

The New York Times phrasing is more diplomatic. Slightly. As federal payments to farmers in 2020 approach a projected $46 billion, a record, the Times notes that the cash "has accelerated in recent weeks as the president looks to help his core supporters who have been hit hard by [his history-bending dipshit incompetence in everything he touches]," This, in the face of rising farm bankruptcies because [see above].

Contribute now to take back the White House!

This means that "government support will account for about 40 percent of total farm income this year."

Ah. Socialism, then. When it comes to any voting bloc that leans heavily Republican, it turns out the free market can go right to hell—it’s free money time.

See, there's the problem. Everyone just needs their own farm, and Republicans will suddenly begin to care and throw money at them. I understand at least one of Trump's golf resorts counts as a farm, so it's not like it's hard to do. Start one in a closet, with grow lights, and send them a pic—wait—don't do that. They don't like that. I think.

It will be interesting to see how the votes fall out (assuming we're not all dead by January, which is probably more likely than not) in majority-conservative communities that have been squeezed and squashed by Trump's decisions for nearly four years now. Are Trump's moves to dump cash on farmers and farm communities sufficient reason for those towns to ignore Trump's farm-crushing trade wars and the decimation of markets? Does it depend on how effectively he can continue to be racist? Where do individual farmers draw the line?

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